Precollection Look 2

Look 2.

80413941 Dark fern green shower-resistant parka with detachable shearling warmer and hood lining

80415541 Dark birch brown wool ramie English-fit tailored jacket with embroidered cuffs

80430151 Honey cotton ramie shirt with button-down collar and epaulettes

80415551 Dark birch brown wool ramie cropped trousers with embroidered side stripes

80415781 Camel silk classic-cut tie

8027551 Tan leather monk-strap shoes with logo detail

80414691 Dark fern green technical wool oversized trench coat

80417391 Deep taupe wool tailored jacket

80415151 Seaweed cotton oversized shirt with lace overlay

80417991 Deep taupe wool pleated shorts with exaggerated cuffs

80424111 Medium juniper green colour-block leather Olympia bag

80399461 Papaya leather over-the-knee boots with porthole detail

12 款造型

12 款造型

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