Precollection Look 31

Look 31.

80423741 Red floral-print nylon bomber jacket with vinyl collar and cuffs

80415431 Red floral-print cotton twill panelled short-sleeve shirt with half zip

80427491 White location-print cotton jersey T-shirt

80389511 Red floral-print cotton jersey panelled long-sleeve polo shirt

80435281 Red floral-print loop-back cotton slim-fit jogging pants

80435921 Black floral-print nylon baseball cap with rhino horn detail

80425841 Dark charcoal check-print nylon and leather Arthur sneakers

80423711 Black floral-print wool trench coat

80426971 Black floral-print nylon twill hooded parka with logo detail

80427011 Black cotton jersey T-shirt with badge appliqués

80427021 Black loop-back cotton sweatshirt with badge appliqués

80427031 Black loop-back cotton jogging pants with badge appliqués

80430581 Black cotton baseball cap with rhino horn detail and logo embroidery

80425791 Black technical knitted Arthur sneakers

14 款造型

14 款造型

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